Covid 19

Covid 19


Universities and colleges across the world are feeling the 'no buzz' environment. The outbreak of coronavirus has significantly impacted the education system. The academic pursuits of millions of students have been affected; nearly 1.53 billion are out of schools and colleges. As per the directions provided by the DISTRICT COMMISIONER OFFICER BALLARI, all covid -19 measures have been undertaken by our institution.

HSK Polytechnic has been among the few institutions to challenge the pandemic. It has taken commendable digital initiatives to ensure that academics do not suffer due to current situation. It has brilliantly adopted a multi-pronged strategy of inclusive e-learning solutions to cope with the prevailing crisis. To ensure continuity of learning, HSKP is now delivering online classes for all students. Online lectures are conducted by our staff, using advanced technologies like Zoom, Google meet. The distinguished faculty of HSKP is available through phone calls and WhatsApp to assist students in their e-learning process. Even for students residing in remote areas, HSKP staffs are proactively providing them with notes and assignments with solutions over WhatsApp and email or even through audio lectures. Quite a few motivational lectures have also been organized to address the mental health of students.

HSKP has taken all measures for safety of students from covid-19 through regular sanitization. Posters and signage have been put up at strategic locations to inform about the safety measures taken by HSKP.

According to Mr. H.M.kiran kumar, Chairman, HSKP,”We’re committed to enabling students to fulfill their hopes and dreams of learning in the covid-19 era. we have been using latest e-learning technologies to make learning easier for students. We are also considering a number of precautionary options to ensure that the students are well positioned to adapt as the situation evolves”   

At the beginning of the fall of 2020, the opening of colleges and universities poses new challenges and accompanying risks for transmission on campuses and in their surrounding communities. Although the risk of severe health outcomes from COVID-19 in young adults without underlying health conditions is relatively low, faculty, university staff, and close contacts of college students at home and in the community might be at a considerably higher risk for severe illness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to develop and disseminate data-driven guidance to support the institutions, students, staff, their families, and surrounding communities. In advance of the fall 2020 term, colleges and universities across the nation implemented a variety of COVID-19 prevention practices, mitigation efforts, and testing strategies.

HSKP has followed, a variety of COVID-19 testing strategies in addition to symptom-based testing are being employed in an attempt to reduce transmission. These include (1) universal entry screening: testing all students before arrival on college; (2) 2-phased screening: prearrival testing paired with a follow-up test, typically about 1 week after arrival; (3) scheduled screening, with repeated testing of the entire campus population (eg, weekly); (4) random screening, with testing a random sample of the students; (5) testing on-demand, by making tests available to students on campus on demand but not requiring testing; and (6) wastewater testing to detect virus in the sewage overall or for specific facilities. Before students began to arrive for fall term, HSKP has implemented a variety of mitigation measures including spacing and scheduling move-in times, increasing physical spacing in classrooms, a face mask requirement for classroom settings and other indoor common spaces, and adjusting dining options to reduce crowding.

HSKP had organized two vaccination drives in concern with students and staff welfare.

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